MPD is looking for a suspect or suspects who have been taking property from unlocked vehicles. (MPD)


So far, 25 unlocked vehicles in Maricopa have been burglarized this week.[pull_quote_right]“This is happening throughout Maricopa.” – Officer Carmen Nylander[/pull_quote_right]

“Right now, we have several leads,” said Maricopa Police spokesperson Carmen Nylander. “At this time, we don’t know if it is one person or multiple (suspects).”

Maricopa Police have released some information on their Facebook page, including photos of a suspect rummaging through vehicles.

Police don’t yet have an approximate value of items taken from the unlocked vehicles but did say items stolen included spare change, phone chargers, tools and even children’s toys, including a stuffed Teddy Bear.

“We were able to recover about a dozen items – that was fortunate – but it was phone charges, change and stuff like that.” Officer Nylander said a firearm was stolen from one vehicle, “but with the officers investigating, they were able to recover it. The firearm is off the road.”

Not all victims have lost items. Some simply see clear evidence someone has been in their vehicle.

Carla Witowski of Acacia Crossings said her husband found the dome light and running lights on in her car early in the morning this week. “Most disturbing are the two knives he found laying on the driveway. One was in a sheath; the other wasn’t,” she reported on Next Door. “Everyone needs to be alert. I was outside 30 minutes earlier putting out the trash and could have walking up on something without realizing it.”

The break-ins are happening in all areas of the city.

“This is happening throughout Maricopa. There isn’t any specific area,” Nylander said. “One of the things we want our citizens to do is make sure that they lock the doors of their vehicles. On each incident we are investigating, these vehicles were unlocked. We really want to minimize these crimes of opportunity. Make sure the vehicles are locked and that they are storing away items of value. The suspect, or suspects, are latterly going into the vehicles that are unlocked.”

If you know the suspect or suspects in this crime or are a victim of a crime call MPD at 520-568-3673 or dial 911 if it is an emergency.