Bus driver trainee arrested for indecent exposure in bus incident


A substitute bus driver trainee for Maricopa Unified School District was arrested Friday and charged with two misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure and two felony counts of disruption of an educational institution.

Paul Dickerson, of Maricopa, allegedly exposed his genitals to high school students during an afternoon bus route Tuesday. A Maricopa High School administrator called police after receiving a phone call about the incident from a parent.

Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricky Alvarado said two girls younger than 18 and one male over 18 witnessed the act.

Superintendent Steve Chestnut said Dickerson was on a ride-along and was in the seat behind the bus driver.

The bus was equipped with three interior cameras.

“I do think they will be helpful in the investigation,” said Tom Beckett, the district’s human resources director.

“For support staff we do finger-print clearance,” Chestnut said of the hiring process. “We don’t allow any unsupervised access to kids, like driving a bus by yourself.”

“We conducted background checks and there was no indicator he had a propensity to do something like this,” Beckett said. “If he is guilty, I hope they throw the book at him.”

Beckett said Dickerson was hired in mid-July and started three weeks ago. Dickerson was convicted of burglary in 1978, which he disclosed on his application.

Dickerson is on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

“He will be terminated soon,” Chestnut said.

“The District is cooperating with the ongoing police investigation and additionally the District is reaching out to offer support to the victims and families of this alleged crime,” MUSD said in a written statement.