Business Advisory Committee Concept Goes Before Council


When the Maricopa City Council convenes at Maricopa High School this Tuesday, August 17, 2004, Councilman Will Dunn will propose the formation of a new committee called the Business Advisory Committee. Councilman Dunn, who chairs the City’s Economic Development Committee and facilitates the “Destination Maricopa” meetings, explained his vision for the new committee and its advisory capacity during August 13’s “Destination Maricopa” meeting.

“So many things are happening in Maricopa, and they’re happening fast,” said Councilman Dunn. “Economic development doesn’t happen overnight,” he added. “And the Economic Development Committee will go away.” That particular committee, like all the City’s committees, was set up as a transitional committee to take Maricopa to July 1, the date that Pinal County handed over the reins to the City.

In June, the City Council approved the decision to join the Greater Casa Grande Valley Economic Development Foundation. That group’s study of Pinal County found highly skilled people in Maricopa who are interested in work and recreation. The Foundation, however, focuses primarily on bringing industry into a community according to Councilman Dunn. In the future, the City Council will be negotiating with big business, but, acknowledged Councilman Dunn, “As we all know, small businesses create more jobs in America than anything else.”

The Business Advisory Committee would consist of five to nine members whose applications would have to be approved by the Maricopa City Council. The Committee would be set up for one year. At that time a determination would have to be made whether it would continue, change or evolve into something else. The three main areas for the Committee’s input and study would be downtown revitalization, small business development and general business growth and planning. The Committee would coordinate its activities with the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re growing so fast; we know what’s coming, not exactly how,” explained Councilman Dunn. “We need to coordinate our efforts to make it happen.” Bill Bridwell, candidate for Board of Supervisors from District 3, added, “It’s important not to duplicate efforts because you have so much to do.”

“The council needs to hear what citizens want,” said Councilman Dunn. “What this Committee does will determine more what our community looks like than anything else.”

Tuesday’s Council meeting will be held at Maricopa High School Room 1 at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public.