Amid rumblings from upset parents about the safety of their children, the city of Maricopa unveiled a plan to address the safety concerns of students having to cross busy streets to get to either Butterfield or Saddleback Elementary schools.

The concern of parents with children at Butterfield was that there was no designated area for children to cross Honeycutt Road.

To address this concern the city has purchased a temporary traffic signal, which will be placed at the intersection of Honeycutt Road and Maricopa Groves Parkway. Assistant to the city manager Paul Jepson said the signal cost the city $180,000 and should arrive within a couple of weeks.

“Once we get the signal, we must test it out and paint the crossing lines on the street; the project should be completed within a month’s timespan,” Jepson said.

Once the light is in place, the school district has agreed to provide a crossing guard to help students cross the street.

“It is awesome we are getting a light,” said Heather Smith, a parent who has children in the school.

Besides the temporary light at the Honeycutt Road crossing, a four-way stop is being installed for Saddleback Elementary School. A crossing guard will also be on hand at this school to help children cross the road.

Until these projects are completed, the district and the city are encouraging children to use the bus service.

“The safety of Maricopa’s youth is paramount,” said Maricopa Mayor Anthony Smith in a statement issued to the press.

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Photo by Michael Rich


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