Butterfield Parkway will be closed in stages from Monday, Nov. 11, to Friday, Nov. 15, for wide crack repair. Work taking place around Butterfield Elementary School (Duncan Drive and Donithan Way) will take place while school is out of session for Veterans Day.

Wide crack repair is also scheduled to take plan on Bowlin and Anthony Roads from Monday, Nov. 18, to Wednesday, Nov. 20.

Butterfield Parkway Schedule:
  • Duncan Drive: Nov. 11
  • Donithan Way: Nov. 11
  • Butterfield Parkway (one section at a time): Nov. 11-15
Bowlin and Anthony Roads Schedule:
  • Bowlin Road (Anthony to Hartman): Nov. 18-19
  • Anthony Road (Rancho Mirage to Bowen): Nov. 20

Schedule is subject to change.