Candidate Griffin introduces herself to Maricopa at Founder’s Day


Founder’s Day was a great opportunity for Maricopa to show off its progress as a city. Record numbers of people were in attendance; there were more business and organization booths than last year, and a new crop of politicians introduced themselves to residents.

One such candidate was Marquisha Griffin who is running for Maricopa city council. Griffin entered the non-partisan race in hopes of bringing new blood and new ideas to the table.

“Tens of thousands of people have moved to this community since the city’s first elections,” said Griffin. “And you could really see it at this awesome event.”

“However,” she noted, “it’s obvious by looking at the crowd that the City Council is not a well-rounded cross section of today’s Maricopa. We need a more diverse council if this community is going to be represented fairly.”

Griffin said that these founding councilmen played an important role in getting the city started, but their perspectives are those of the real estate agents and landowners who started the city.

“We need to get some new people on council who can make decisions about land purchases without having to recuse themselves due to conflicts of interests,” she said.

Griffin said these members have tried hard to meet the needs of the community, but the community needs representation with fresh ideas if Maricopa is going to get through the challenging times ahead.

Like many residents, Griffin said she loves the sense of community that comes with living in Maricopa. Her family is active in activities like softball and football.

“In the end, I just want to be able to help shape this city into something my children will want to raise their families in.”

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