A pet cat was shot with what appears to be a small crossbow bolt. (Facebook)

Maricopa Police are seeking information about an apparent incident of animal cruelty involving a cat wounded by a small projectile over the weekend in the Desert Passage subdivision.

The cat, struck by what appears to be a small crossbow bolt in the upper portion of its front right leg, was discovered by its owner, Donald Caldwell, after returning home from work on Sunday.

Caldwell immediately called police to report the incident. However, given the length of time Caldwell was away from home, and without any witnesses, police believe finding a suspect or suggesting a motive is difficult.

MPD spokesperson Ricardo Alvarado said the incident was likely a random act of animal cruelty and not the actions of a disgruntled neighbor or fellow resident.

After information about the incident was shared on social media, residents reported several other cases involving the small projectiles wounding other animals or damaging property around the same time.

That day, in the Alterra subdivision, a resident reported seeing another cat wounded by a similar bolt, and yet another resident reported to MPD that their child’s “playhouse” had been struck by an arrow-like projectile.

The problem, Alvarado said, is that the wounded cat and the playhouse that was struck were almost four miles apart, making it hard to pin down an exact location. The responding officer stated the cat seemed healthy and was likely capable of walking a reasonable distance.

After reporting the incident, the owner took the animal to a veterinary clinic where the bolt was safely removed. The cat is expected to make a full recovery.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information concerning this or other incidents of similar animal cruelty or criminal mischief are encouraged to contact the MPD at 520-568-3673.


  1. While I would never condone shooting a cat with a crossbow or anything else, perhaps Mr. Caldwell and others like him should consider keeping their cat(s) within the confines of their property. I, for one, am very tired of picking up cat dropping and mutilated birds from my property and dealing with the damage they cause. Not to mention that cat urine, which they spray on everything, is one of the most foul and offensive smells around.