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Rest of the story about Brian Simmons

Some people regarded Brian Simmons as the town nuisance, and he certainly did have a history of bizarre behavior around Maricopa. This month in our...

Unpacking the Brian Simmons story

Most of the time, my involvement with a story ends the day we upload the magazine to the printer. That's simply not the case with...

The Roselle: A tropical plant that’s found a new home in Maricopa

By Amanda Rice Hibiscus sabdariffa or roselle, is known by a number of names across the world, including Jamaican sorrel, Flor da Jamaica, Florida cranberry,...
Pear tree stock

So, what is backyard orchard culture?

A philosophy advanced by Dave Wilson Nursery in California, wholesale supplier of fruit trees to many of the better nurseries in Arizona, espouses high-density planting,...

Growing garden veggies in desert all about timing, location

By Al Brandenburg You may have started to plant your tomatoes, peppers and cukes. Early April in Arizona’s low desert garden is one of the...

Morgan: Foreclosures not expected to change the market

Historically speaking, foreclosures have played a role in Maricopa’s housing prices. A foreclosure, in a nutshell, is when a homeowner falls behind on their payments...

Plumber: Maintenance helps to extend life of water heater

By Terry Leamon Do you wonder if water heater flushes are necessary? Do you do regular maintenance on your water heater? Well, if not, you...
Dayv Morgan Maricopa

How will apartments impact Maricopa’s real estate market?

  All housing studies completed in Maricopa have shown the need for multi-family housing, mostly known as apartments. The City’s goal is to have 5,000...

Meet the Maricopa Master Gardeners – and become one

Let’s explore the Master Gardener program in Maricopa. But first some history on two key related organizations. The Land Grant College Act of 1862 ceded...

Smith: Sleep – it’s a big deal!

On average, adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep. Researchers say people can survive longer without food than without sleep! It’s a time for...

Chow down on this month’s bill of fare in our latest edition of InMaricopa

I don’t know about you, but among the things in life I do really well is eat. Evidently, we have a community full of people...
EDUC Brady McMullen

Siegel: A student assesses his MUSD education

Parents of school-age children may ask, “Can schools in the Maricopa Unified School District provide the quality education I want for my child?” This...
COVID-19 virus

Brandenburg: Long COVID may result from autoantibodies

BY AL BRANDENBURG An increasing number of COVID-19 survivors are experiencing symptoms weeks or months after the infection has cleared in what is known informally...
Desert Mistletoe

Mistletoe: 1,300 species and a holiday tradition

By Beth Sulek-LaHousse Everyone has heard that if you stand with a loved one under mistletoe you are supposed to kiss that person, but where...

The depression danger in aging adults

By Al Brandenburg Depression is not a normal part of aging, but can develop in later years— and it can be dangerous. The Centers for Disease...
Man Diabetes Insulin

Koczor: Control diabetes before it controls you

More than 34 million Americans have diabetes and one in five don’t know they have it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and...
Brain image

Koczor: preventative measures for a healthy brain

A recent article from Mayo Clinic states we are living longer than previous generations and should prepare ourselves to encounter new health risks, like...
Brian Petersheim Maricopa Realtor

Realtor: Shortage of homes for sale strains supply of rentals

Everybody is talking about the seller’s market for real estate sales in Maricopa, but what happens to the local rental market at the same...

Some of these special days will leave you in a daze

Just think about it: the opportunity to celebrate National Maricopa is a Great Place to Live Day. Don’t laugh. You could make it a reality....
Hannah Budinoff UofA

Siegel: More women wanted in engineering

For many years, efforts have been made to entice more women to pursue careers in engineering. Today, if you ask somebody to describe an...

Tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes, colors

Everybody loves tomatoes. Ninety-three percent of all American gardening households grow their own tomatoes. Tomatoes didn’t arrive in the United States until the 1820s, but they...
[Mason Callejas]

Are you ready for monsoon season?

Monsoon season can be quite a spectacle. It usually includes heavy rain with flashfloods, spectacular lightning strikes, damaging winds and dust storms accompanying extreme...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Son’s COVID illness was crash course on misery of isolation

Recently, my family had occasion to experience the world of isolation, one of the biggest challenges for seniors, especially in pandemic times. Our older son...

Brandenburg: Keep your heart healthy, live longer

By Al Brandenburg Our heart is the hardest-working muscle in our body, and heart disease is a leading cause of death. So, it’s important to...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Walk-in tubs: what you need to know

I recently had a reader ask for information regarding walk-in tubs. My experience with them is limited to a neighbor who purchased one for...
Maricopa Elementary School

Enhancing elementary school learning

The word “elementary” has two seemingly conflicting definitions. For some, elementary means basic or simple as when Sherlock Holmes said, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

A second COVID-19 wave? Seniors should prepare now

With the holidays upon us, the biggest threat to our health is another wave of COVID-19 cases. We already know our generation is the...
Dr. Alex Stewart Podiatrist

Podiatrist: Prevent this common foot ailment

By Dr. Alex M. Stewart DPM, FACFAS Dr. Stewart of Maricopa Foot and Ankle Center is board-certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle...

Master Gardener: French marigolds easy to grow, beautiful, yield for many seasons

French marigolds (Tagetes patula) have been a garden staple for decades because they’re easy to grow and add a splash of color to any...
Joan Koczor Maricopa

What to expect from Social Security in 2022

Over 50 million Americans rely on Social Security for at least a portion of their retirement income. When you consider that 180 million people...
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