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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Murray Siegel Maricopa

Siegel: Expanding STEM success: 2 simple steps

Last month’s column looked at how the teaching of math in the elementary grades has reduced the number of students taking advanced math classes...

Tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes, colors

Everybody loves tomatoes. Ninety-three percent of all American gardening households grow their own tomatoes. Tomatoes didn’t arrive in the United States until the 1820s, but they...
blood pressure

American Heart Month: Taking care of your ticker

The first American Heart Month was marked in February 1964 following President Lyndon B. Johnson’s proclamation on Dec. 30, 1963. At that time, more...
Joan Koczor

Koczor: Step into new year with lessons learned from pandemic

Every great tragedy leaves its mark. WWII. The Great Depression followed the stock market crash in 1929 and lasted 10 years. The attack on...
Murray Siegel Maricopa

Siegel: Preparing for rapid technological development

There are many difficult challenges facing the United States, yet one vital problem receives little coverage by politicians or the media — the growing...

3 plants to make your spirits bloom

By Harriet Phelps The winter weather conditions outside do not matter if you have a blooming plant. I need only light and a blooming plant...
Ron Smith Maricopa

Aging-in-place: Time for the rest of the story

Over the past year, I’ve focused on reviewing recommended checklists to improve the physical setup of your home for aging-in-place. COVID-19 has helped reinforce...
Murray Siegel Maricopa

Siegel: Rewarding responsible behaviors in elementary students

This is the second of a two-part report on the lack of responsibility displayed by elementary school students. Input was obtained by querying educators...
Desert Mistletoe

Mistletoe: 1,300 species and a holiday tradition

By Beth Sulek-LaHousse Everyone has heard that if you stand with a loved one under mistletoe you are supposed to kiss that person, but where...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

A second COVID-19 wave? Seniors should prepare now

With the holidays upon us, the biggest threat to our health is another wave of COVID-19 cases. We already know our generation is the...
Harriet Phelps

Be Awesome: Ways for families to stay connected, stay thankful

By Harriet Phelps, PsyD It is time to be thankful.  We all may be missing something from the impact of the COVID virus.  Its effects...

Master gardener: Deep watering under the canopy

By Harriet Phelps As in all things, 2020 this has been an unforgettable year for high heat and drought. The “non”soon did not produce any...

Plumber: Maintenance helps to extend life of water heater

By Terry Leamon Do you wonder if water heater flushes are necessary? Do you do regular maintenance on your water heater? Well, if not, you...
Dayv Morgan Maricopa

How will apartments impact Maricopa’s real estate market?

  All housing studies completed in Maricopa have shown the need for multi-family housing, mostly known as apartments. The City’s goal is to have 5,000...
Murray Siegel Maricopa

Siegel: Teaching responsibility in elementary school 

Readers of this column may remember a primary academic goal in elementary school was learning the three R's – Readin’, Ritin’ and Rithmetic. Today, a fourth R is required: Responsibility. Several educators...
Ron Smith Maricopa

5 tips to avoid falls, including over your pets

Most of us can’t live without our cats and dogs, but sometimes they literally just get in the way. About 85,000 people suffer nonfatal injuries...

Seniors, avoid bone fractures by taking preventive steps

Every year, seniors fall and break their hips or other bones and then face serious potential illnesses and possibly death as a result. The...
Chris J. Scoggin Chaston Tax

CPA: Comparing tax plans of presidential candidates

By Chris J. Scoggin, CPA As of this writing, we are less than three weeks away from the presidential election. So, by the time you...
Murray Siegel

What a tuition-free college would actually look like

  Some politicians promise to deliver a free college education – actually it is a tuition-free public college education. Notice it is a college education not...

Senior designs for safely entering, exiting your house

When considering safety factors to adapt your home as you grow older, look for good visibility, excellent lighting, accessibility and no trip hazards. Be...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Senior advocate: New health technology a boon

The healthcare industry is evolving, thanks to policy changes, societal shifts and technological advances. New technologies like telemedicine have grown to a staggering degree during...

A love-hate relationship with oleanders

If oleanders are toxic, why do we have so many of them growing in Maricopa? Here’s the scoop on the good, the bad and...
Dr. Alex Stewart Podiatrist

Podiatrist: Prevent this common foot ailment

By Dr. Alex M. Stewart DPM, FACFAS Dr. Stewart of Maricopa Foot and Ankle Center is board-certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle...

Master Gardener Orchard Project shows what can be done

By Roger Lawrence The Maricopa Master Gardeners broke ground Sept. 18, 2018, on a new demonstration and teaching orchard to be planted in front of...
Brian Petersheim Maricopa Realtor

Realtor: Shortage of homes for sale strains supply of rentals

Everybody is talking about the seller’s market for real estate sales in Maricopa, but what happens to the local rental market at the same...
Dr. C. Jon Beecroft

Beecroft: Patient care is highest priority

By Dr. C. Jon Beecroft, Maricopa Foot and Ankle My patients frequently ask how COVID-19 has changed medicine. My answer to patients may not be...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Technology helping more seniors age at home

By Al Brandenburg Americans are living longer, and most would prefer to age in their own home and community, rather than going to a hospital...
Murray Siegel

Random studies: why vaccines need math

A previous column provided details of an investigative report that contrasted the secondary mathematics curriculum of the United States vs. European schools, and how...
Al Brandenburg Maricopa

Hot! Hot! Hot! Gardening in July

By Al Brandenburg Another year and again I am watching my plants wither in the 100-degree-plus heat. Gardening in Arizona in July can be difficult...

Independence Day is all about We the People

Many people see the Fourth of July as fireworks, pool parties and barbecues, but this American holiday is more than an object or activity. The...
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