Chapados: Re-elect Rich Vitiello to City Council


By Peg Chapados

Another election year is upon us, and the 2022 Maricopa City Council election is vitally important for the present and future of our city. There are four candidates running for three seats: incumbents Rich Vitiello, Henry Wade and Vince Manfredi, along with newcomer Adam Leach.

Voter registration deadline for the primary election is July 5. Early ballot voting runs from July 6-29. Primary Election Day is Aug. 2.

This election is critically important for two uniquely significant reasons: 1) Mayor Christian Price resigned from office effective July 1 to take an executive position with the Maricopa Economic Development Alliance (MEDA). 2) The mayor’s resignation results in the need to appoint an interim mayor to fulfill his term (expiring 2024), which then creates an open Council seat. Whoever fills the mayor’s seat has a monumental task ahead. Those we elect to fill the Council seats most definitely impact that outcome.

Maricopa continues to experience significant growth at an accelerated level. More homes, new apartment complexes, retail, restaurants, recreation options, there’s a LOT happening here. Traffic will increase even more than we see today. There will be new challenges, frustrations, waiting, hoping and eventually excitement over things new and improved in Maricopa. City Council has a specific role to play in that growth and expansion, and the seven City Council members are the ones who deal head-on with multiple issues. It’s a job for someone who’s knowledgeable, capable and 100% committed! One such person is Rich Vitiello. He is 100% committed to his role as Councilmember.

I have known Rich for over eight years and have collaborated with him on various committees and projects. I’m proud to call him my friend, a valuable resource, devoted family man, hard-working business owner and someone dedicated to working in the best interests of Maricopa. He works hard, just like he promised during his campaign. Would someone who’s not deeply committed stand in triple-digit heat on SR347 to connect with people? No. Rich loves serving on Council because he loves Maricopa and Maricopans.

Rich Vitiello
Rich Vitiello

Rich’s priorities are focused on public safety, housing diversity, transportation expansion and improvement and working for smart, positive growth. If someone has a particular need or reaches out for answers or simply to be heard, Rich is there. He’s ready and willing to listen and help wherever and however he can.

He’s gained valuable experience as one of seven policymakers. He does his research, and you can count on Rich Vitiello to get it done, no matter what “it” is. He’s a strong supporter of local nonprofits, and even serves on his HOA board. Rich wants to help make things better. He strives for positive outcomes to help keep this a great city. He wants “more” for Maricopa, and he’s the only candidate currently endorsed by police, fire and Mayor Price.

Fellow Maricopans, PLEASE VOTE, and when you do, please VOTE FOR RICH VITIELLO! Thank you.

Peg Chapados is a former vice mayor and city councilmember in Maricopa.