Tanner Rogers Maricopa
Tanner Rogers, 33, of Maricopa was charged with domestic assault after an incident Tuesday at his Rancho Mirage home, police said.

A Maricopa man is facing domestic violence charges after his arrest Tuesday.

Tanner Rogers, 33, was charged with domestic assault after a physical altercation occurred between Rogers and his wife when he was caught cheating, police said.

Officers responded to a home on West La Paz Street in Rancho Mirage after a 12-year-old child called to report hearing mom and dad fighting, and mom saying, “Get off of me,” according to police.

On scene, officers made contact with Rogers who was in the process of packing his belongings into a vehicle. Rogers told police that after his wife caught him having an affair by finding out he was sending nude photos, they had an argument. Rogers said he held his wife by her shoulders to prevent her from leaving so he could explain himself. He claimed she tripped during the exchange and he landed on top of her, police said.

Police reported observing red marks around his wife’s neck. She told police she had caught her husband sending nude photos to women on his phone earlier in the day and told him to be out of the house by the time she got home from work. When she arrived back home and Rogers had not left, she avoided conversation with him. He allegedly tackled her into the bathtub, police said.

Rogers allegedly wrapped his hands around the woman’s neck and began choking her before she escaped his grasp, according to the police report. Running to the living room with her phone in hand, Roger allegedly picked her up and threw her to the floor, causing rug burns on the woman’s elbows, according to police.

Rogers was arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail, police said.