A core objective at Children’s Learning Adventure is to prepare and equip their students to excel in lifelong academic journeys. They implement STEAM-based curriculum daily to immerse students in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. Their engaging curriculum encourages students to adopt a lasting love and pursuit of learning.

As an educational advocate, Children’s Learning surrounds their students with engaging teachers, stimulating environments, and purposeful curriculum. This helps build the foundation for students’ future academic careers, while preparing them for a lifetime of positive thinking and excitement towards learning.

“Questions, curiosity, and hands-on learning experiences are encouraged and valued. Implementing fun and purposeful STEAM based lessons and activities, creates an engaging environment where students can enjoy the learning process.” – Rick Sodja, CEO

Children’s Learning Adventure knows that a crucial component of learning is the environment in which a child is in. In addition to a primary classroom, Children’s Learning Adventure provides small group instructions in their specialty classrooms each day. Every child’s learning capacity is maximized through multiple learning environments and authentic learning activities.

Children’s Learning Adventure’s specialty classrooms ignite the student’s excitement in different environments. Students apply knowledge that they’ve learned in their homeroom in specialty classrooms. For example, children learning about the weather will reinforce this knowledge in all specialty classrooms. If the students learn about the weather in their homeroom, they may do an experiment about cumulus clouds in Laboratory Lagoon, and then a weather forecast in Picture Paradise. These experiences help the students apply a practical learning tactic, to real life situations.

Children’s Learning Adventure campuses feature several stimulating learning environments, including but not limited to: a science center complete with a planetarium, a multimedia room with a real TV studio utilizing video cameras and more, an expansive library, a technology center fully equipped with iPads and tablets, and an expansive outdoor playground with regulation basketball and tennis courts.

To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure call (877) 781-0603 or visit www.childrenslearningadventure.com