has obtained an anonymous memo sent to the city in February regarding Assistant City Manager Roger Kolman.

The memo consists of three documents: An anonymous cover letter, supposedly from a city employee, a memo supposedly from Kolman to then City Manager Kevin Evans and two pages of invoices.

In the cover letter, the anonymous “employee” states that while researching files he/she discovered the memo in materials left behind by Evans when he left to pursue other employment.

The alleged memo from Kolman to Evans states the two invoices give the city the ability to walk away from the claim filed by McDonald against the city with no damage.

The memo also makes it seem that Kolman instigated the latest criminal charge against McDonald in an effort to damage his reputation and protect the city.

According to a release from city spokeswoman LaTricia Woods, the memo’s allegations placed the city in the difficult position of trying to assess information from “unknown, phantom sources” who could not be interviewed.

Despite the difficulty, the release states, “Based on the information the City has, the City strongly believes that this memo is a forged document and does not believe in its authenticity or that any similar document would exist. Both Kolman and Evans denied that they ever wrote or saw such a document.”

Preliminary investigation revealed that at least one of the vendor history reports was forged and that several statements made in the documents were false, according to the release.

Woods declined to answer follow-up questions regarding the investigation.

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