The City of Maricopa made election packets available Oct. 16 for those wishing to run for city council and mayor. By the end of October, six candidates had pulled packets indicating their interest.

The mayor’s seat is coming due as are the council seats occupied by Nancy Smith, Julia Gusse and Marvin Brown.

First in line to pull a packet was Mayor Christian Price. So far, he is the only mayoral candidate to pull a packet.

Gusse and former council member Leon Potter have also taken out candidate packets. Previous candidate Bob Marsh is throwing his hat in the ring again, too.

Newcomers are Marlene Pearce, a long-time resident and currently assistant to Pinal County Supervisor Anthony smith, and Realtor Michael Salgado. Nov. 7, school counselor Amber Liermann pulled a packet, as well.

Nomination packets are available at City Hall, 29700 W. Civic Center Plaza. Candidates can collect signatures now, and nomination paperwork must be turned in between March 9 and April 6.