Maricopa City Hall


The Maricopa City Council made the bulk of their annual appointments and reappointments of individuals to city boards and committees Tuesday night at their regular meeting.

Appointed to the Age-Friendly Committee were Elizabeth Howell, Andy Lockridge and Colleen Strom.

Appointed to the Board of Adjustments were Dean Tevault, Greg Campbell and Chance Love.

Appointed to the Heritage District were Stacey Vannasdale, Terrence Vyfhuis and Lucia Rodriguez.

Appointed to the Arts Committee were Susan Cameron, Shelley Gillespie, Cynthia Portrey and Antonia Presume.

Appointed to the Parks, Recreation and Library Committee were Kevin McDill, Tena Dugan and Michael Collins.

Appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board were Linda Huggins, Joshua Babb and Dan Frank.

Appointed to the Transportation Committee were Roger Gillespie and Brian Hoffman.

Appointed to the Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee were Ammar Abed, Amanda Evans Clark, Javier Moncada and Janice Vitali.



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