The Apex Motor Club's plans for a private track in Maricopa are stalled during legal wrangling.

The City of Maricopa has denied an organization’s request for a public vote on Apex Motor Club after determining the item in question was “not subject to referendum.”

In a letter to the organization Maricopa Taxpayers Protecting Citizens, City Clerk Vanessa Bueras stated “The City of Maricopa determined that the approval of CUP 17-01, the subject matter of Referendum 17-01, is an administrative act, rather than a legislative act and, therefore, not subject to referendum.”

A total of 86 petitions were filed by the organization, containing a total of 1,133 signatures, according to the Bueras. Of those signatures, 30 were determined by Bueras to be “deficient” and were stricken from the petition.

The petition for referendum was initiated by Maricopa Taxpayers Protecting Citizens in an attempt to overturn the aforementioned Conditional Use Permit 17-01 granted by city council in April.

The permit allows Apex Motor Club the right to begin the process of developing their private motorsports track on the northeast corner of Ralston Road and State Route 238, on the west side of the city.

Another motorsports complex named Atessa in nearby Casa Grande is also in development stages.


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