The Planning & Zoning Commission is seeking public comment on a proposed zoning code amendment during an upcoming meeting at City Hall.

The amendment would alter Maricopa’s zoning code which dictates how temporary signs may be displayed around the city, such as those used for open houses, garage sales or other nonpermanent signs. It also aims to clarify some of the language, time lengths and distances on signage.

The code amendment was previously discussed in an April 18 City Council meeting, during which councilmembers provided input on an initial version. Councilmembers suggested changes, such as distance between signs and how long signs may be displayed after an event.

P&Z is seeking any and all comments from residents regarding the text amendment and how it may impact the community. The public hearing will be held during P&Z’s June 12 meeting, held 6 p.m. at Maricopa City Hall.

For additional information, contact Civilian Service Manager Wesley Moss at or 520-316-6927.