City takes action, installs crosswalk at Butterfield Elementary


Following heavy criticism and a protest from parents and concerned citizens the city of Maricopa painted lines and installed additional safety features at the intersection of Honeycutt Road and Maricopa Groves Parkway late Thursday.

These additional safety measures include two signs located fifty feet from the crossing area that warn drivers of the upcoming crossing area, and police officers to help children across the busy street.

The intersection of these roads was a legal crossing area prior to the addition of these features, but many drivers did not heed to it.

“Without the lines a lot of people didn’t realize that there was a cross walk there,” said City Council member Carl Diedrich.

Diedrich was at the intersection Wednesday morning, during a community protest, observing the traffic patterns and safety concerns and took his findings back to the mayor and city manager.

These safety precautions will remain in place until the temporary light the city has ordered can be installed. The timeline for that project is one month.

“The safety of Maricopa’s youth is a top priority, and it is important that we do everything possible to ensure their safety,” stated Mayor Anthony Smith. “Installing this crosswalk is an important step in creating a safer environment for students at Butterfield Elementary School.”

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Photos by Michael K. Rich