Bus Driver

More Information

Sequoia Pathway Academy - BUS DRIVERS NEEDED! Great career opportunity right here in Maricopa. Full benefits include holiday pay; health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, and ASRS!

Job Description

  • Transportation of students and authorized personnel to and from school locations, field trips, and other approved destinations using a school bus or authorized school vehicle.
  • Coordinate with dispatcher/supervisor to ensure and maintain school bus route directions and stop times.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally with students, parents/guardians, management, and other district personnel.
  • Monitor student behavior to ensure safety precautions are maintained while on duty.
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspection of equipment to maintain operational integrity, cleanliness, inventory or safety equipment, inventory of required documents and forms, and over all condition of equipment.
  • Completion of forms, manifests, reports, etc., for the monitoring of equipment, routes, passengers, mileage, etc..
  • Participation and attendance at safety meetings, bus evacuation drills, staff meetings, and other meetings where your input is required.
  • Performing other duties as assigned.


  • Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity.
  • Team Player: Works well as a member of a group.
  • Self-Starter: Inspired to perform without outside help.
  • Required: CDL & IVP

For more information & to apply visit https://tinyurl.com/mthc6djb.