Clinic teaches young Maricopans to ‘cheer’


Little girls (and a few boys) from all over Maricopa had the opportunity to participate in a cheer clinic Saturday.

Participants were elementary students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. For a $15 per child fee, they received water and a snack, three hours of cheer instruction from the Maricopa High School varsity cheerleaders and, most importantly, the chance to talk to those cheerleaders and ‘hang out’ with them.

According to varsity cheer advisor Keri Olivas, 65 youngsters participated in the event.

Proceeds will go toward the cost of the cheerleaders’ next competition. “We are really pleased with the turnout,” said Olivas. “We needed to raise some money for competition, so we thought why not a cheer clinic, and we put it together in about a week.”

All 65 young, would-be cheerleaders, wearing their clinic t-shirts, will be showing off the basic routine they learned at the varsity boys’ basketball game at Maricopa High School on Jan. 29 when the Rams meet Notre Dame at 7 p.m. 

Photo by Joyce Hollis