Map: City of Maricopa

The busy intersection of North White & Parker Road and Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway in Maricopa will close at midnight Thursday as work continues on a road widening project.

The intersection will be shut down through the end of the day on Monday, the city announced.

Drivers heading north on White & Parker may detour west on Peters & Nall Road to North Porter Road and follow the detour from Porter north to return to Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, officials said.

The project, which started Jan. 6, is widening a stretch of Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway between Porter Road and White and Parker Road to four lanes. Paving will continue through Saturday, with striping planned for May 11-13 ahead of opening.

The primary purpose of the project is to “increase traffic capacity” on the 1.7-mile stretch. New left-turn lanes at both ends of the expansion are also part of the project. ADOT is in charge of the project.

The project cost about $3.6 million, mostly from Federal Highway Administration funding. Matching funds of 5.7% from the City of Maricopa came from the half-cent County Road Tax Fund.

The widening project includes a new traffic-control system at White and Parker Road. According to the city, that is scheduled for completion May 7.

As the MCGH project draws to a close, the City is gearing up a project to install a traffic signal on White and Parker Road at Honeycutt Road. That is expected to be completed by June 30.

Any closure of the intersection requires most traffic in East Maricopa to use Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway to reach the west side of town.


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