Scene of the murder on Sagebrush Drive in Rancho El Dorado Dec. 16, 2016.


Anthony Daniels, a former co-worker of murder suspect Kathryn Sinkevitch, told a Pinal County Superior Court jury she sat and cried the afternoon the murder occurred after she returned to work.

Sinkevitch is accused in the shooting death of 31-year-old Michael Agerter on Dec. 16, 2016. Agerter, her ex-boyfriend, was shot and killed in the garage of his rental home in Rancho El Dorado. The two lived separately but had an infant son together.

Daniels worked at a mortgage company in Tempe in the support department with Sinkevitch. They worked together about two years before the murder, he said Tuesday as he testified at her trial. He was the second of her former co-workers to testify about her behavior the day of the murder in what has so far been a circumstantial case.

Daniels said he communicated with Sinkevitch daily at work.

He said she was very close to co-worker Bridget Hopkins and they would have lunch together. Sometimes he would also get involved in the conversations between them as he sat near Sinkevitch.

He said Sinkevitch was good at her job and was a diligent worker, adding she spoke about her child and how she was going through a custody dispute with the child’s father.

On the day of the murder, Daniels said Sinkevitch behaved normally in the morning. He said she mentioned that the father of the baby had to take paternity tests and said Sinkevitch joked about borrowing his baby for the DNA tests.

He said he went to lunch at noon the day of the murder, and Sinkevitch was not there when he got back a 1 p.m. He said she had an extended lunch that day, but he didn’t know when she did return. He also didn’t know when she left.

He thought she was probably gone a couple hours.

He said she was very quiet when she returned from lunch and was crying. Hopkins, he said, came over to talk with her.

Daniels said Sinkevitch had cried before at work but not often. He told the jury Sinkevitch just sat there and cried that afternoon, which was unusual behavior.


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