Central Arizona College students paused in their busy day for some socializing and food. Photo by Adam Wolfe

By Adam Wolfe

The Student Leadership Organization of Central Arizona College at the Maricopa campus set up a barbecue for students to have a free meal and socialize between classes.

The free meal provided students with a break, even if just for a moment, in their busy day. Students who had time stopped and relaxed while they enjoyed their food, while others were able to grab a hot dog in passing. Either way, they were offered a free meal and music to break up their day.

“Today’s event is to just be social and get people fed between classes because obviously some kids don’t have time,” SLOCAC member Jesse Gollubier said. “So we want to get them fed and just have fun.”

Campus leadership also set up volleyball nets for students who wanted to be active between classes. However, the triple-digit temperature kept physical exertion to a minimum.

“We’re just trying to get students more involved and make students feel comfortable and get them to interact with each other,” SLOCAC member Cathlyn Hernandez said.

Central Arizona College is hosting multiple events on the Maricopa campus this week. These events include a blood drive on Wednesday, and a scavenger hunt and Popsicle social on Thursday.

The SLOCAC will also be hosting various events throughout the year, including a ceremony for veterans and a retreat to Prescott.