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Advertising – Want to increase your company’s sales? Download a brochure or click here to learn how Maricopa’s leading news, information and advertising source can help you achieve your marketing, sales and PR goals. You can also reach one of our consultants via Advertising@InMaricopa.com or (520) 568-0040 ext. 4.

Breaking News – Do you know something we don’t – and Maricopa should? Email News@InMaricopa.com and call our editorial department at (520) 568-0040 ext. 2 with any pertinent accident, crime or breaking news story.

Business Profile Form – Tell us about your business (a factual presentation – not an advertisement) and we will consider it for future publication as a business feature. Click here to complete the Local Business Profile Form.

News Release – It’s not just Business news we want; you can send any newsworthy event, activity or feature to us for consideration. Just draft some details about your news item and email it to News@InMaricopa.com.

Opinion pieces – Letters to the editor and opinion columns are always welcome and may be published at the discretion of the editor. Opinion pieces must be original material created by the professed writer. The writer must provide validating personal information (name, physical address, email, phone number) not to be used for publication and a photo. Opinion pieces may be up to 600 words in length. A photo of the writer should accompany the submission. Writers campaigning for or against a candidate or a political issue in an election cycle will be limited to one opinion piece per month. Email News@InMaricopa.com.

Billing@InMaricopa.com – Billing-related inquiries
Careers@InMaricopa.com – InMaricopa employment-related inquiries
Events@InMaricopa.com – Inquiries regarding the event calendar on InMaricopa.com
Support@maricopachat.com – Forum-related inquiries, including reports of Terms of Use violations
News@InMaricopa.com – Editorial-related inquiries
Photos@InMaricopa.com – Submit photos to be considered for publication
Advertising@InMaricopa.com – Advertising-related inquiries
Support@InMaricopa.com – Inquiries from existing clients
Info@InMaricopa.com – General inquiries

Telephone: (520) 568-0040
News – Ext. 2
Advertising – Ext. 4
Client Service – Ext. 1

Fax: (520) 568-0050

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