Veronica Cervantes (PCSO photo)

Veronica Cervantes, 40, was arrested Monday on expected charges of third-degree criminal trespassing and shoplifting.

Maricopa Police were dispatched to Walmart around 2 p.m. in response to a call about two “known” shoplifters trespassing in the store. Loss prevention made the call to police and identified the subjects as Veronica Cervantes and Renee Amador. The two women were allegedly concealing items in a black purse, which was described as growing larger over time.

Police officers met with loss prevention personnel, who told them Cervantes and Amador were in the self check-out area of the store. Police entered the store and met Amador, who was still scanning some items. According to the MPD report, she was placed under arrest for trespassing and transported to the loss prevention office.

Cervantes had walked away to another aisle before police entered the store, so they searched up and down aisles for her. Once she was located, Cervantes allegedly began to walk away from officers. The black purse said to be full of stolen items was observed in her possession. Police placed her under arrest.

Merchandise allegedly found in the black purse included packets of Kool-Aid, a water filter, video games, loungewear and a deck of cards, according to the report. The total of the items came out to $137.43.

When questioned, Cervantes allegedly admitted to shoplifting and she said she did not plan to pay for the items despite having the money to do so. Cervantes had previously been convicted of shoplifting in 2000, 2002, and 2019.

Veronica Cervantes was booked in Pinal County Jail.


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