More clouds and cooler temperatures are in store this weekend.

This week is expected to start with cool days and cold nights before temperatures return to the mid 70s by the weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will be in the low 60s, while overnight temperatures are projected to drop to the mid 30s. The cold front is expected to blow out by Wednesday and temperatures should return to the 70s for the remainder of the week.

Monday’s forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and a high of 61 degrees. The air is expected to have an increased chill to it from the 20 mph winds as well. Blowing dust could be an issue for commuters as gusts could reach up to 30 mph toward the evening. The wind is expected to calm overnight to 10 mph, but the temperature is projected to drop to 35 degrees.

The temperature drop could cause sitting water to freeze, so residents are encouraged to be cautious throughout the night and early morning.

Tuesday is expected to be sunny, but the temperature high is projected to stay cool at 64 degrees. The wind is expected to be 5 mph, and the overnight low is projected to drop to 38 degrees.

Wednesday is expected to usher in the return of 70 degree weather. The forecast calls for sunny skies with a high near 71 degrees. The wind is expected to stay calm near 5 mph, and the overnight low should rise above potentially freezing temperatures and rise to 40 degrees.

The temperature should continue to rise on Thursday as well. Sunny skies with a high near 76 degrees are expected. The wind is projected to stay calm, and the overnight low is expected to drop to 45 degrees.

The weekend is expected to remain sunny as well. The forecast calls for 78 degree days on Friday and Saturday, and a slight drop to 75 degrees on Sunday. More information will be available for the weekend forecast as the work week comes to a close.


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