Cortona’s 2nd phase to feature housing diversity

Developer Emmerson Holdings has submitted initial plans for Phase 2 of the Cortona development at Steen and Hartman roads. The proposed development would include a mix of residential uses, including build to rent, auto-court villas, garden-style multi-family, and alley-loaded homes as well as traditional single-family detached lots, [City of Maricopa}

The city’s east side could become home to increased diverse housing with the coming of Phase 2 of the Cortona development.

Developer Emmerson Holdings, LLC, submitted a pre-application request with the city to discuss the second phase of the 487-acre, master-planned community. Phase 2 would include 238 acres at the northeastern corner of Hartman and Steen roads.

Conceived as a single-family home community when initially developed 17 years ago, Emmerson has shifted its plans for Cortona to include a variety of housing types. Those include build for rent, auto-court villas, garden-style multi-family apartments, alley-loaded product and traditional single-family detached lots for sale.

Alley-loaded homes are narrow, with small back and side yards. They typically have a patio off the alley with a larger front yard for social interaction with neighbors. Floor plans typically are open concept in ranch style or two-story.

An auto court is a group of buildings providing sleeping and parking accommodation for transient tourist trade and commonly known as tourist cabins, motor courts or motels.

Cortona Phase 2 would include a 10-acre commercial corner at Hartman Road and Steen roads and a 5-acre parcel that could become a city park.

In its narrative, Emmerson said its goal is to, “update the existing entitlements to better suit current market demand by introducing diverse and innovative housing stock to support the city’s initiatives. Cortona Phase 2 will provide a diverse, affordable and high-quality housing solution to the lack of housing diversity in eastern Maricopa, which is the city’s major growth area in terms of future employment uses and population growth.”

The developers believe Cortona Phase 2’s proximity to Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway will make it attractive to those working in the western areas of Casa Grande, who would prefer to live in Maricopa.

Emmerson’s narrative supports its plans, saying, “The Cortona Phase 2 community upholds the intent of the existing land use designated for the area while providing a new and attractive residential community with a designated park and 10-acre commercial corner. This neighborhood provides compatibility with existing planned and proposed development in the area while supporting the economic goals and objectives of the city of Maricopa.”