Council begins process of selecting new mayor

Interim Mayor Vincent Manfredi, shown here addressing an audience question at a recent town hall, will not seek the permanent Mayor's position. The City Council is beginning the process of selecting the new Mayor. [Bryan Mordt]

The Maricopa City Council is officially beginning the process of selecting Christian Price’s successor as Mayor.

The council will consider the appointment of a new mayor at its next regularly scheduled meeting Aug. 16. Council was required to wait until Price’s resignation became effective June 30 before beginning the process of selecting a replacement.

A statement from the city regarding the selection process read:

“Pursuant to the city code and Arizona Revised Statutes, the current vacancy for the mayor will be filled by appointment by the remaining members of Council,” the statement read. “On august 16, if City Council determines that Maricopa residents are best served by selecting a member of the current City Council to complete the remainder of the term, they may take action to appoint a current Council member to fill such a vacancy.

“Each member of Maricopa’s current City Council brings with them multiple years of experience and three members have previously served as Vice Mayor. City staff looks forward to supporting the new Mayor and the excitement they will bring in our collective goal of serving Maricopa residents and creating a premier city in Arizona.”

The Aug. 16 City Council meeting will determine the exact process of selecting the new mayor. Acting Mayor Vincent Manfredi said that person should be a member of the existing council.

“My preference is that the new Mayor be someone from our sitting council,” Manfredi said. “We have a great group that works well together, and I don’t see any reason to change that.”

If the council chooses a sitting member as Mayor, a new councilmember will be appointed by the City Council through a process yet to be determined.

But Manfredi knows one person who will not be the new Mayor – him.

“It has been an honor serving Maricopa as Interim Mayor, Manfredi said. “However, I am not interested in completing Christian’s term as Mayor. I am eager to get back to what I truly love – serving as a councilmember where I can have an impact working directly with residents.”

Editor’s note: Vincent Manfredi is an owner of InMaricopa.