Councilmember: Vote ‘yes’ for MUSD Override


By Councilmember Henry Wade

The citizens of the city of Maricopa were successful in supporting the approval of the 2016 Override. The current continuation, which I am encouraging you to support, will not cause an increase in taxes or fees for the insuring period of the continuation.

I come to you as a grandparent with a grandson who is a Maricopa High School graduate and one attending Maricopa Wells Middle School. Additionally, as a City of Maricopa elected official, I feel compelled to lift my voice in agreement when I believe the best interest of our Maricopa family is being served.

Continuum funding shall be used for the purposes of maintaining and/or hiring a sufficient number of educators to support board-approved low class sizes, continue to invest in updated classroom technology and to maintain MUSD #20’s alternative high school graduation program (RAM Academy).

We are very fortunate Maricopa to have an extremely dedicated school district lead by Dr. Tracey Lopeman, and a strong school board committed to ensuring our children are properly equipped to meet any challenges put before them. To continue to meet those needs, please join me in voting “yes” for the MUSD Override, Nov. 2, 2021.