County’s registered Republicans outnumber Democrats

Pinal County Republicans made history on July 2 when registered Republicans outnumbered registered Democrats for the first time in Pinal County’s history. As of 5 a.m. on July 19 the registration edge for Republicans had ballooned by 113 voters.

“We are very excited about this historic event, and we will continue to push all the way to November,” said Marty Hermanson, chairman of the Pinal County Republican Party.

“Winning in November is a must and there is no room for losing this year. We have strong candidates running on the Republican ticket, and we are gearing for a successful election year,” Hermanson added. “The Tea Parties around Pinal County, and all over Arizona, have been a big help with getting more people registered as Republicans, bringing issues to the forefront and playing a big role in this election year.”

The Pinal County Republican Party also increased their elected precinct committeemen from 94 in 2008 to 155 in 2010. This jump was a 64.9 percent increase from 2008, including many new committeemen from the Tea Party movement. The Democrats, on the other hand, went from 79 in 2008 to 72 in 2010.

“I believe this is an exciting time in our history, and we think this is ‘change we can believe in,’ to borrow a phrase from President Obama,” Hermanson said. 
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