Kristal Hoeh

What: “Inside the Creative Mind”
Where: Meeting Room – Maricopa Public Library
When: Feb. 9, 1-3:30 p.m.
How much: Free 

Have you ever wondered, “How in the world did the artist do that?” Maricopa Arts Council will offer real answers for individual art forms when its slate of free “Inside the Creative Mind” lectures returns Feb. 9. Each session offers insights and examples of work-in-progress plus finished pieces by two creators, each working in a separate art form.

Every stage of imagining something new, special and distinctive and then bringing that creation forward successfully requires developed skill and experience. While the mind-set of an artist can often seem mysterious, non-linear and a bit magical, artists are in fact very practical in conceptualizing new work. So this spring the popular lectures will explore the Engineering of the Arts.

Each session demonstrates the skill set and approaches needed for different types of artistic creations, the behind-the-scene process artists employ to answer the puzzle of what makes the magic work.

For February’s session, presenting artists are weaver Tiffany Yazzie, and painter Kristal Hoeh. Both have had works featured at the Arts Council’s previous galleries.

Yazzie, born and raised in Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona, learned her craft from her mother and grandmother. Navajo weaving traditions include several types of image (e.g. Eye Dazzler, or Tree of Life). Weavers must have discipline, as they do not sketch or plan the designs in advance. Each row is counted, and the symmetrical patterning involves exact reverse counting from the work’s middle to its end.

Hoeh grew up in both desert and tropical climates. Her undergraduate education concentrated in both art education and French; an internship in Europe made possible first-hand exposure to many famous works at art museums in major cities. In addition to her own creations, Hoeh teaches courses in charcoal, watercolor, art history and 2D design online for CAC.

“Inside the Creative Mind” continues in March with sculpture and orchestration.

Maricopa resident Tiffany Yazzie with one of her “eye dazzler” weavings. Photo by Mason Callejas


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