What factors do you consider when buying gas?

According to AAA, the average price of gasoline in Arizona for regular unleaded is $3.072 per gallon. That is up from $2.67 a month ago and $2.82 a year ago.

Maricopans explained how they decide where to purchase gas:

The lowest price of fuel currently is at Good 2 Go (76) on John Wayne Parkway, where the cost is $3.04. At Fry’s on John Wayne Parkway and at Vekol Market in the Ak-Chin community, the price is $3.05.

Both Circle K locations and QuikTrip are selling at $3.09. At Chevron, the price is $3.15.

By contrast, Casa Grande has locations selling regular unleaded for $2.83 to $3.03, while Chandler ranges from $3.11 to $3.19.

Going out of state? The average price of regular unleaded in California is $4.07. In Nevada, it’s $3.37; Utah $2.91; Colorado $2.75; and in New Mexico $2.77.

Americans are six times more likely to choose price over quality when it comes to buying fuel, according to AAA. Are you among them? Take our poll below.

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What is more important to you when buying gasoline?
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