The business complex known as the blue barn received a free roof treatment. Photos by Kyle Norby

The Business Barn of Maricopa is as much a landmark of the city as the Silver Horizon California Zephyr in many respects.

Numerous businesses and organizations work in the building, but perhaps most important of all to the community is F.O.R. Maricopa Food Bank. While providing so much to the community, especially in these last few weeks, the food bank has had to live with some persistent issues.

One of these problems is a leaky roof. Luckily, this problem may be a thing of the past at the end of this week.

Local roofing consultant Henry Staggs, looking to help the community any way he could, reached out to Mayor Christian Price for guidance. Price pointed him in the direction of F.O.R. Maricopa. When founder Wendy Webb learned of Stagg’s roofing background, she explained their constant problem with ceiling leaks in the facility.

Water stained ceiling tiles in the food bank.

“I saw what the problems were and listened to her talk to me about what they’ve been dealing with here,” Staggs said. “I reached out to the manufacturer, Applied Coatings, and then I reached out to a roofer named Miles, with Nations Roof. Within I’d say two hours, we had it set up and ready to go.”





Staggs laughed and said that it is rare to schedule such a large project so quickly, but he was very happy it came together. Applied Coatings commercial specialist Pierce Sinclair was more than happy to help with the project, offering to donate materials immediately.

“We’re here today and just wanted to do the right thing,” Sinclair said. “They were having a hard time getting material out so we volunteered to donate the material and Nation’s Roof teamed up with us to donate the labor.”

Nations Roof Project Manager Miles Cunn

Overall, the resurfacing of the roof is expected to take three to four days. The coating being used adheres to the aluminum the roof and waterproofs it, preventing leak issues in the future. While both parties recommend the complete re-roofing of the building, this solution will maintain and improve conditions until the budget comes for a full makeover.

“Our last year and a half, we’ve had contractors down here to fix it but they just haven’t been successful in it. I’m really optimistic about this,” F.O.R. Maricopa volunteer Gene Bischki said. “We just can’t thank these contractors enough.”

Nations Roof Project Manager Miles Cunningham said he has seen the willingness to help others more and more in the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Henry asked us if he would be willing to help out with the labor,” Cunningham recalled. “With everything going on, you know, it’s definitely nice to give back and just kind of get some good news out there.”

From left, Pierce Sinclair, Gary Anderson, Mayor Christian Price, Councilmember Nancy Smith, Henry Staggs and Councilwoman Julia Gusse.


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