911 Air: Don’t ignore HVAC, the MVP of your home


With extremely hot temperatures in summer and mild temperatures in fall and winter, the last thing on people’s minds this time of year is preventative maintenance of their HVAC system on their homes. Most people don’t even think about their system until it breaks down. Don’t be one of those people! We always tell our clients that being proactive is much better than being reactive.

So, what does that mean exactly? Just like you change the oil in your vehicle on a regular basis or get annual checkups from your primary care physician, your home’s HVAC system should get some attention before problems can develop.

Fall is here and everyone is relieved to turn their thermostats to the OFF position and watch electrical bills shrink in time for the holidays. Sometimes we have to turn on the heat, so that side of the system needs attention, too. Parts of our city have subdivisions that are all electric and others have natural gas. That means there are different types of heating systems and most folks don’t know the difference.

All-electric homes have heat pumps. These units use electricity and refrigerant to transfer heat to and from the home depending on whether the COOL or HEAT mode is being used. That means all components are used in the cooler months as well so getting preventative maintenance from a professional will not only ensure your system runs quietly and efficiently — but will extend the life of your system. Defrost mode, auxiliary heat and overall performance are some of the functions checked during the service.

For those with natural gas, your homes have furnaces. These use the gas as a fuel to heat the air that gets recirculated in your home. Preventative service on these types of systems include checking for carbon monoxide levels, ensuring proper flame ignition and checking all of the other safety aspects of the system.

During our maintenance checks on the heating system, we are always looking out for clients, bringing to their attention any problems we spot that could potentially snowball into something bigger. We want to avoid any disruptions in comfort for you and your family.
There are also some DIY items you can do to help your HVAC system.

Changing your air filters. This is something we recommend you do monthly. This will make sure the air you breathe is clean and not recirculating dirt, dander and pollen throughout the home.

Keep debris and shrubs away from your AC condenser in the back yard. This will help your unit be able to “breathe” properly and prevent overheating due to lack of air flow.

Keep furniture and items from blocking vents. For clients with floor vents, this helps ensure all rooms are getting air to keep you comfortable.

If your system limped along this summer and barely made it to the finish line, now is a great time to plan for next summer and install a new comfort system in your home. There are some awesome new rebates from Electrical District No. 3, plus federal rebates you could potentially qualify for. For those with allergies or sensitive noses, an air purifier can bring extra comfort to the home for you and your loved ones.

We hope everyone has a safe holiday season and enjoys the cooler weather! Feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding your HVAC system and we will be glad to help in any way we can.

Ray Nieves is owner of 911 Air Repair.
This sponsored content was first published in the November edition of InMaricopa magazine.