Driver found ‘asleep’ at gas pump


A driver allegedly found sleeping in her running vehicle at a QuikTrip gas pump is facing drug charges, according to police. 

Taylor L. Parks, 27, was charged Sunday with possession of narcotics, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said. 

At about 12:20 p.m., Maricopa police received a complaint about an erratically operated vehicle traveling south on John Wayne Parkway that had allegedly run multiple cars off the road, according to a probable cause statement. 

The complainant also reported the vehicle was stopped at the gas pumps at the QuikTrip at 20530 N. John Wayne Parkway, and that the driver, subsequently identified by police as Parks, was slouched over and appeared to be sleeping, police said. 

Officers arrived at the scene and observed Parks slouched over the steering wheel with the vehicle running and the keys in the ignition, the probable cause statement said. When an officer knocked on the window, Parks awakened and she was told to turn off the vehicle and hand the keys to officers, police said. 

Several items of drug paraphernalia were observed in plain view on the passenger-side floorboard, including apparatus commonly used for smoking fentanyl, according to police. Officers also found a small blue pill in burned tinfoil, police said. 

Parks was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. 

During a search of her person, officers found a large number of blue “M30” pills in Parks’ purse, defined by police as commonly counterfeited fentanyl pills, as well as a bag of a white crystalline substance, believed to be methamphetamine, the probable cause statement said. 

Police said they found a total of 133 pills during the search. 

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