ED3 celebrating ‘Best Utility’

From left: ED3's Nathan Purden, Tyler Russell, Joseph Peralta, Patrick Wallis and Sean Scarlatto. [submitted]

By Electrical District No. 3

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is over and 2023 is in full swing. We were honored to receive the 2022 Crème de la Copa award for Best Utility from you, our supportive community.

It’s important to recognize that a utility is nothing without its skilled and dedicated workers. In 2013, the U.S. Senate declared April 18 National Lineman Appreciation Day. Our linemen put more than 8,000 hours into their apprenticeship alone and continue to hone their skills well after reaching Journeyman Lineman status. Last year, Electrical District No. 3 linemen participated in the annual state Lineman Rodeo in Benson, created to offer line workers a way to demonstrate their pride and ability in their profession. We are proud to share that our linemen won several awards: two for Best Overall Team, three for Individual Top Score in Team Transformer Change Out, one for Top Hand, one for Best Overall Apprentice & Top Team, and one for an Individual Top Score in Lineman’s Knowledge Test & Top Team awards. Our ED3 linemen are among the best around! Please be sure to thank our hard-working linemen on social media or in our community on April 18! #ThankALineman

As part of our new energy-transition plan, we are embarking on several demand-response programs, which allow customers to play a role in operation of the electric grid by reducing or shifting their electricity usage during peak electrical-demand periods. These programs lower energy consumption, cut carbon emissions and safeguard the grid during times of peak energy use.

While still in development, we are happy to announce both a smart-thermostat (Peak Rewards) and a pilot water-heater demand response program, which will be released this year. They focus on using enrolled devices during high-demand events throughout a program season, when slight changes in settings can save electricity. Enrolled customers will not only receive incentives, but the opportunity to lower their bills while serving the community. Keep your eyes on our website and social media for a chance to take advantage of the smart-thermostat program and our pilot electric water-heater program.

Residential and small-business customers can now participate in our new Green Select Rider Program, in which customers may purchase power from renewable-energy resources that produce Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs. This allows renewable-energy attributes or RECs to be associated with their account on a monthly basis. It is a simple and affordable way for customers to use energy that is more environmentally friendly without making a long-term commitment. It also helps customers meet their individual goals for renewable energy. Among the reasons this program was created was to meet needs of a growing customer base, including those who live in apartments.

This program assists customers who are not interested in or able to install solar but want to ensure they are using renewable energy. It also benefits customers who use solar and want energy they receive from their utility to be renewable. The Green Select program is a great way to achieve those goals without breaking the bank. The revenue from Green Select supports our Commitment to Community, which includes customer rebates, educational programs and community support initiatives. Programs like this allow our community to contribute to their personal goals while supporting our energy transition efforts that support our entire service territory.

Electrical District No. 3 is proud to be serving and growing with Maricopa and will continue going above and beyond for the community we serve.