Brett Benedict

Electrical District No. 3 announced its next chief operating officer as it faces the retirement of Bill Stacy.

CFO and Assistant General Manager Brett Benedict was selected by the Board of Directors to take the reins Jan. 1. He has been with the organization since 2005.

Benedict has been controller and director of Financial Services. He also served as interim general manager. He is also the CFO for Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District.

ED3 is a not-for-profit utility formed in 1926 as a political subdivision of the State of Arizona. It serves approximately 245,500 acres in Maricopa and Stanfield. It has grown from a few hundred meters in 2002 to 26,000 meters today.

The utility operates 12 distribution level substations, approximately 1,034 miles of 12 kV lines (621 miles of overhead and 413 miles of underground) and 77 miles of 69 kV lines.


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