Dear City Council Candidates,

You did a great job at the “debate” Monday at City Hall. It is a nerve-racking experience to stand in front of would-be constituents and present your vision for the city, and you should be commended just for showing up.

Local politics are often more enjoyable and meaningful than what we see on the national level. City council in particular is refreshing because it is non-partisan and members typically leave office not as millionaires, but as having accomplished things that directly impact their neighbors and community.

With candidates usually being civic-minded citizens and not polished politicians, the absence of political spin and pandering to potential voters is an expectation of such local candidate events. Unfortunately, that did not hold true when candidates were asked Monday whether they support the Maricopa Unified School District Override proposal.

To the candidates who publicly stated their positions, thank you. To those who didn’t, please reconsider. Not only do voters deserve to know where you stand on this important issue, we are smart enough to know when we are being played.

Though this issue is not new, if you still have unanswered questions about the override, MUSD Superintendent Steve Chestnut is available to objectively address them. Councilman Vincent Manfredi, chairman of the Vote Yes, Maricopa committee, is also at your disposal for a passionate, if subjective, response.

InMaricopa will be doing its part to educate voters, and we will be asking you and other applicable candidates the question again next week. Please perform whatever research you need to provide us – and your potential constituents – with a one-word response to the question “Do you support the MUSD override?”

Thank your willingness to serve our community in this important capacity. Good luck on Aug. 30!