Editor’s Letter: May peace be with you and your family during the holidays

Lee Shappell

What is your favorite holiday-season memory?

Getting a shiny new bike? A pony? Being with family? Maybe just having food on the table.

The season evokes so many memories through life’s journey. We’ve tried to capture the spirit of the holiday season in the stories and columns that appear in our December edition of InMaricopa magazine.

We’ve just been battered for months by nonstop nasty political advertising. No matter where you stand, it had to be getting old. But it’s over. We think. There are plenty of other stressors in our lives, too. Here at InMaricopa, we’ve tried to give stress a rest this month. On our pages, you will find a series of what we’re calling Holiday Good Cheer stories of the season. They’re not hard-hitting news but just feel-good tales about people trying to do good things for other people in the community.

How about the gift of high-speed internet? The big story is the arrival in Maricopa of Cox Communications. With it comes new internet and television-viewing options. There’s a new kid in town, and Justin Griffin has the story for you.

Soon, but just after the holidays, the Maricopa Historical Society will give the community a look back at itself when the refurbished historical California Zephyr Silver Horizon passenger rail car — best known around town as The Zephyr — debuts as a museum and library. Railroads have played a fundamental role in the history of Maricopa and this is a fitting belated holiday gift to its residents, many of whom are newcomers and eager to learn about the city’s history.

A doo-wop era performer. Right here in Maricopa. This guy knew Frank and Elvis and hung out with luminaries on the ground floor of Las Vegas as an entertainment capital. Word is, they gamble a little there, too, but I digress. Tommy Ronca gives us the gift of amusing tales of the golden era captured in a great read by Tom Schuman.

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is that you celebrate, we are more alike than we are different. Let’s try to remember that as we interact with each other. Especially this month.

And regardless of what’s celebrated in your home, we hope you get that shiny new bike or pony or whatever gift you’re hoping for this year!


Lee Shappell

InMaricopa Editorial Director