Inspectors from Pinal County Environmental Services found violations at eight of the establishments they visited May 18-31. Fourteen establishments were given an excellent rating. 


  • Children’s Learning Adventure Childcare Centers (inspected May 30) 
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill (inspected May 30) 
  • Culver’s (inspected May 30) 
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – 20924 N. John Wayne Parkway (inspected May 30) 
  • Francisco’s Mexican Food (inspected May 24) 
  • IHOP (inspected May 30) 
  • Plaza Bonita (inspected May 23) 
  • Province Community Association – Clubhouse (inspected May 25) 
  • Rosati’s Pizza (inspected May 30) 
  • Say Sushi (inspected May 23) 
  • The Slab Premium Meats (inspected May 24) 
  • Sprouts Farmers Market (inspected May 24) 
  • Sprouts Farmers Market – Deli (inspected May 24) 
  • Sprouts Farmers Market – Sushi (inspected May 24) 


Carniceria Sonora (inspected May 25) 

  • Maintenance of handwashing sink: Dishes stacked in the basin of the hand sink, cooking paddles stored across the faucet. Sink needs to be accessible at all times.
  • Hot holding: Temperatures of cooked pork pieces held in reach in display warmer were 103 degrees, heating lamps above were burned out. Temperature of cooked beans in steam well were 115-117 degrees (135 degrees minimum required).
  • Cold holding: Temperature of cooked beef in cook line prep cooler were 61-65 degrees (41 degrees minimum required).
  • Proper ventilation: Heavy buildup of debris on filters in cook line ventilation hood. 

 Cilantro’s Mexican Cocina (inspected May 25) 

  • Hot holding: Temperatures of black beans and pork held in steam well were 109-121 degrees (135 degrees minimum required).

 The Duke at Rancho El Dorado (inspected May 25) 

  • Hot holding: Temperatures of cheese and ground beef held in steam well were 97-109 degrees (135 degrees minimum required)
  • Cleanliness of walls: Several holes in the wall under the three-compartment sink and in the utility room.

 Dutch Bros (inspected May 24) 

  • When to wash: Employee prepared chemical sanitizer bucket and began drink preparation.
  • Sanitizers: Chlorine-based sanitizer in buckets were tested to be over 200 ppm (50-100 ppm required).

 Firehouse Subs (inspected May 23) 

  • Hot holding: Temperature of meatballs in steam well were 125-127 degrees (135 degrees minimum required)

Helen’s Kitchen LLC (inspected May 23) 

  • Identifying containers: Spray bottle filled with green liquid, one filled with pink and two filled with clear liquid all were labelled with a manufacturer’s sticker for quat sanitizer. The green liquid was detergent, the clear tested negative for quat and chlorine, and the pink tested for at least 500 ppm. Bottles to be correctly labelled.

 Little Caesar’s Pizza (inspected May 24) 

  • Hot holding: Temperature of cooked wings in hot holding warmer were 125-131 degrees (135 degrees minimum required)
  • Food temperature measuring devices: Manager was unable to provide a working thermometer at time of inspection. Reinspection required.
  • Removing dead pests: large amount of small dead bugs around the windows and doors inside ordering area.
  • Sanitizing solutions and testing devices: Manager was unable to locate a testing device for quat based sanitizer. Reinspection required.
  • Cleanliness: Heavy buildup of debris on the dough mixer, walls around prep tables and doors and handles of coolers. Heavy accumulation of debris on floors throughout the facility.

 Panda Express (inspected May 24)  

  • Hot holding: Temperature of cooked rice in pan on metal warmer was 120-125 degrees (135 degrees minimum required). Repeat violation.

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