Elite 347, a non-profit youth football team catering to ages 6 to 14, is more than just a team.  

The young athletes participate in a range of activities including 7v7, flag football, training camps, tournaments and 1v1s.  

 Darrell Rushing, the head of the organization, is a coach and behavioral interventionist with more than 10 years of experience who believes in assisting the youth both on and off the field.  

Rushing instills the values of empowerment, leadership and accountability in each student-athlete, while Defensive Coach Dr. Demarkis Smith, a physical therapist and ex-collegiate football player, provides his expertise in developing the players to their full potential. 

 “Our goal is to excel on the field while positively impacting our community,” Rush said. “We want our student-athletes to build self-confidence and self-awareness.” 

 Elite 347 is supported by a team of dedicated coaches, including Coach Kameo Rushing, who provides support to parents, and Coach Sheena Jenkinson, who manages the business of the organization. 

 If you have a child who is interested in learning football, wants to play football, or just wants to be a part of a team, contact Elite 347 at [email protected]