Maricopa weather will see dramatic shifting over the weekend. Photo by Mason Callejas

After seeing a high on Friday well into the triple digits, things are likely to cool off dramatically, according to the National Weather Service.  As a light cloud cover and heavy winds move into the area on Saturday and Sunday, temperatures could dip down into the 50s.

Friday will likely be sunny, windy and hot, with a light breeze blowing up to 15 mph. Temperatures should reach a high around 104 during the day, dropping to a low near 69 at night as winds gust up to 20 mph and a light cloud cover moves in.

Saturday should be mostly sunny and a bit cooler with high winds gusting up to 40 mph during the day keeping temperatures down around 92 in the afternoon and near 61 at night.

Sunday will likely be sunny, breezy and cooler with winds blowing up to 25 mph keeping the high around 76 during the day and pushing the low near 55 at night.


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