“Excellent, amazing” Sara George voted “Best Mom” in Maricopa; “Super Hero” Gena Horn a close 2nd


As more and more essays poured into the inmaricopa.com office, it became harder and harder to choose a winner for the inaugural “Best Mom in Maricopa” contest. With the help of Bashas’, inmaricopa.com established the competition to honor all Maricopa moms on this Mother’s Day and give their children a chance to express their appreciation and love.


Entries varied from heart-warming to hilarious and the competition for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes was so stiff that a fourth winner was added. After all essays were reviewed, however, one written by Meredith George, a 5th grader in Nancy Rollins’ class at Maricopa Elementary School, stood out above the rest. Meredith’s effort earned her and her mom, Sara, a $100 Bashas’ gift certificate and Mother’s Day floral bouquet.


Meredith and Sara George.

Sara George, a speech pathologist with Maricopa Unified School District who moved to Maricopa two years ago from Indiana, was shocked with the news of her daughter winning 1st place in the contest. “Oh my word, I was so surprised,” George said. “I still haven’t even read the essay yet!”

Well, Meredith’s mom can join the rest of Maricopa in reading Meredith’s work:

My mom is the best mom in Maricopa because she always tries her hardest. She tries hard to make sure she takes care of my sister and me. She tries hard even when she doesn’t feel her best.

She is very caring and loving to all the members of my family. She cares for me and loves me a lot. She teaches me things that I need to know. My mom helps me with things I don’t understand or can’t do on my own. The things she teaches me are things I will remember and use for a long time.

My mom makes sure my sister and I have fun, but she doesn’t spoil us.

My mom has arthritis and even when that gives her pain or she gets sick, she makes sure we get what we need and she makes sure that we still get to do things even if she can’t. For some of the things we do, that is a big sacrifice.

My mom is the best mom in Maricopa because she’s loving, caring, tries hard to take care of me, and thinks of others before herself. My mom is an excellent, amazing mom! I will always love my mom!

– Meredith George

Baylee Horn, 9, garnered the 2nd place prize, a $50 gift certificate and floral bouquet for mom Gena, with her incredible essay entitled “Singing in the car.” A tie for 3rd place yielded $25 gift certificates and bouquets for both Stephanie Sharp, thanks to daughter Shelby, and Kimberly Diedrich. Diedrich’s husband, Carl, assisted 18-month old essayist Nathanial with his prose entitled “She is There.” All of their submissions are listed verbatim below.


And the winners are… (from left) Carl, Nate and Kimberly Diedrich, Stephanie and Shelby Sharp, Sara George and daughters Meredith and Megan, and Barb Delfino (not pictured: Gena and Baylee Horn).

Bashas’ sponsorship of the Best Mom in Maricopa contest is consistent with its commitment to the Maricopa community. “Bashas’ is committed to being an active contributor to Maricopa,” Barb Delfino, Bashas’ Maricopa store director, said. “Maricopa moms are the foundation of this community and it is an honor to be able to recognize them on their special day.”

Residents can view all the contestants’ essays as they will be on display at Bashas’. Sons and daughters will want to check them out for inspiration in preparation of writing an essay for the upcoming Best Dad in Maricopa contest!

2nd Place


Gena Horn and the author, Baylee.

“Singing in the car” by Baylee Horn

My mom and I sing so much in the car. We act like on one is aroud and we just don’t care. We sing all kinds of songs. Like Avril Lavgine, Hilary Duff, Rock, some rap and we sometime hear music on the radio. Ks-fm and alot of other radio stations are our fav. My mom is a little different then most mom’s but that makes her special. We sometime sing softly when we go shopping. We sing alot especially in our convertable. We have the music jamming in it. My mom’s favorite singer is Martina Mcbride. And one time when I had my first sleep over, she got sad and she was lonely because she didn’t have anyone to sing with her. Me and my mommy go everywhere together. I love her so much. I would be absolutly devastated if anything ever happened to her. And also one time when I had to go to the hostbitle to get head ex-rays my mom told me to sing in my head and things will be ok. She helps me in so many ways. Singing to us is so great. We watch American Idol and that is always fun to watch. We watch that to see if we sing ok. My mom and I are the best of friends. When my mom sings u can see that little smile on her face. U should pick my mom because she is the best mom in Maricopa. She is pretty, she has indpendance, and she’s fun to be around. Since I think my mom is a super hero I call her Girly Gena! Per her please!


3rd Place (tie)


Carl, Nate and Kimberly Diedrich.

“She Is There” by Nate (and Carl) Diedrich

When I was born, I looked up and she was there. When I had meningitis and was in the hospital room, and I looked up, she was there. When I went to the doctor and he gave me shots, I looked up and she was there.

When I went to bed and cried and didn’t like it, I looked up and she was there. When I had to have x-rays and the machine scared me, I looked up and she was there. Whenever I got hurt, I would look up and she was there.

When I started physical therapy, and it was hard to watch, I looked up and she was there. When Grandma went to Heaven and Daddy was sad, he looked up and she was there.

When we went to the park and I was swinging and laughing, I looked up and she was there. When I needed a kiss, I looked up and she was there.

Every time I look up, she is there!

3rd Place (tie)


Shelby and Stephanie Sharp.

By Shelby Sharp

My mom is the best mom in Maricopa because she washes for me, cooks for me, she shops for me, and I think she deserves something from me for Mother’s Day.

Everyday she goes to work as a principal and comes home exhausted. She works hard every day and doesn’t get a day off. I think she deserves something for Mother’s Day.

I’m always disrespectful to her and she does all that stuff for me. I should do something for her. I would really like her to have something nice for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Maricopa Moms!