Heat and wind are in this week's Maricopa forecast. Photo by Mason Callejas

The National Weather Service is lifting the Excessive Heat Warning Monday evening, according to their weekly report. But keep your hats on, because as monsoon season rolls in, high winds are likely to follow the heat this week, with winds gusting between 25 and 30 mph into the weekend.

Today is likely to be sunny, hot and breezy with a high around 111 and a low near 84 with winds gusting between 15-25 mph throughout the day.

Tuesday looks to again be sunny, hot and a bit windy with a high around 110 and a low near 80 while winds gust up to around 30 mph throughout the day.

Wednesday should be sunny and mostly clear with a high around 108 and a low near 78 while a nice breeze gusts up to around 25 throughout the day.

Thursday is likely to be sunny and clear with a high around 106 and a low near 77 with a breeze gusting up to around 25 mph all day.

Friday looks to be sunny and clear with a high around 107 during the day and a low near 78 at night.


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