Richard Kruse (PCSO)

Richard Kruse, 75, was arrested Nov. 27 at a residence on North Bishop Drive on suspected charges of aggravated assault strangulation.

Kruse’s daughter reported she and her father got into an argument in their home on North Bishop Drive in the late afternoon of Nov. 26. According to reports from police, the argument began when Kruse confronted his daughter for paying rent for an ex-boyfriend who lived out of state. The amount was allegedly $400.

The woman stated that the interaction became so bad that she turned on the audio recording function on her phone and placed it on a bathroom counter to document the argument. At some point during the incident, Kruse allegedly took the woman’s phone and demanded to talk with the ex-boyfriend about the money he was receiving from her.

The woman told Kruse he didn’t have her permission to take her phone and slapped him in the face when he refused to give it back. She told police Kruse wrapped his arm around the back of her neck, placing her in a “headlock.”

Kruse allegedly held his daughter in the headlock so tight she eventually lost consciousness.

The woman regained consciousness and bit Kruse on his side while trying to free herself. Kruse released her, and the woman got her phone back from him, but claimed Kruse grabbed her again, this time choking her with both of his hands around her throat.

The woman stayed conscious and Kruse fled prior to MPD’s arrival on the scene. He later returned and gave officers a statement.

The woman gave police the audio recording from her phone, which including Kruse saying, “you’re going to end up dead.” Police were also able to hear the woman struggling to breathe and talk in the recording. The woman was examined and referred to an ER for further evaluation.

Police contacted Kruse the following day, and he allegedly admitted to placing his daughter in a headlock but claimed it was only to restrain her after she hit him. He claimed he knew that the situation went too far and took responsibility for the altercation. Kruse, however, denied putting his hands on her neck and choking her the second time.

Richard Kruse was booked into Pinal County Jail.