Juan Ibarra (PCSO)

Juan Ibarra, 24, was arrested Dec. 8 on suspected charges of domestic violence assault and three counts of disorderly conduct.

MPD responded to a call at a home on West Cheyenne Court in Glennwilde from a woman who told officers her brother Juan Ibarra was disturbing the family and threatening to assault them.

When police arrived, Ibarra was located in the upstairs bathroom of the home. According to the officer’s report, Ibarra was verbally aggressive with officers, allegedly telling them he would fight them and told them to shoot him, not letting them into the bathroom.

After multiple attempts to end the interaction peacefully, police forced the door open, with Ibarra telling them to “come get him.” According to the report police forcefully detained Ibarra on the floor of the hallway and brought him downstairs for further questioning.

Down the street, police met with Ibarra’s sister, who made the emergency call. She told the officers the whole incident began when she picked up Ibarra and their older brother from a bar in Chandler. She said her two children were in the vehicle as well. When they drove back to Maricopa, they stopped at the Circle K near their home on Porter Road.

After Ibarra used the restroom at the gas station, he came back out and allegedly hit the car next to them with the passenger door when he opened it. The woman said Ibarra began yelling at the occupants of the car he hit and insisted they parked too close. She told her Ibarra to calm down and stop yelling, to which he responded he would “knock her teeth out.”

The woman told Ibarra he could walk home and left him at Circle K.

Once the woman, her children and her older brother got to the house, Ibarra was already approaching. They later reported he was still yelling and threatening to assault her. The older brother stood between her and Ibarra and then took him to the ground by wrapped himself around him from the back.

The woman stated Ibarra began swinging and punching the older brother in an attempt to get free, hitting him a few times in the head. After this altercation, the woman drove her two kids to another home to call MPD.

Ibarra was transported to Pinal County Jail.


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