Family hopes for return of ‘runaway’ teen

Kaitlin Bowman, 16, left home Monday and has not been seen since, according to family.

The whereabouts of a Tortosa teen remain unknown since she was reported missing Monday.

Kaitlin Bowman, 16, had been exhibiting behavioral changes the last couple of weeks, according to her mother, Heidi Navarro. She also said Kaitlin had been communicating with people the family did not know.

“We have been looking and looking and looking,” Navarro said. “The grief is unbearable.”

Maricopa Police Department said Kaitlin is listed as a missing/endangered runaway. She is listed with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Navarro said she thinks her daughter was being influenced by others before she left home. She said it appears she left with little more than makeup and underwear. She said someone also sent Kaitlin $50 via Paypal.

Kaitlin reset her computer to factory settings, and blocked callers, according to the family.

She is typically blonde but has been dyeing her hair black. She is listed as 5-foot-5 and 130 pounds with blue eyes. Kaitlin’s ears, nose, and navel are pierced. Police noted she may have medical or mental health issues and need medication.

Navarro said she is worried for her daughter’s safety. She said Kaitlin had become more reclusive from the family and secretive. She had been attending online schooling but dropped that, expressing an interest in pursuing a general education diploma instead.

“I don’t know what to say when everything I say is just rejected,” Navarro said. “We love you. We’re never not going to love you, no matter what. You can always come to me.”

Anyone with information about Kaitlin Bowman is asked to contact MPD Sgt. Perez at 520-316-6883.