Feds extend deadline for travel ID to fly, but first Maricopans must drive

The Arizona Travel ID is distinguished by the gold star in the upper-right corner.

Rest easy, travelers. The deadline for getting a federally compliant travel-identification card has been extended by two years, to May 7, 2025.

For Maricopans, getting one is going to require a short drive. Maricopa does not have an issuing Motor Vehicle Division office. The two closest locations are 240 W. Cottonwood Lane in Casa Grande and 50 S. Beck Ave. in Chandler. MVD takes walk-ins for a Travel ID, but Arizona Department of Transportation recommends scheduling an appointment online at azmvdnow.gov.

An active AZ MVD NOW account is not required to set a Travel ID appointment.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security had set a May 2023 deadline for domestic airline travelers to have a federally compliant form of identification. MVD follows TSA guidelines and encourages residents to get the Arizona Travel ID to avoid delays and other travel issues at TSA checkpoints once the new policy takes effect.

Beginning May 7, 2025, travelers must have a federally compliant credential, such as the Arizona Travel ID, to pass through TSA checkpoints at airports for domestic flights. For most people, the main reason to get the Arizona Travel ID is to make travel easier.

After the new law takes effect, a standard driver’s license will no longer be accepted as a valid ID for domestic airline travel. Passengers will be required to show an Arizona Travel ID or other form of federally compliant ID, such as a valid U.S. passport. If they do not have one, fliers will risk missing their flight because the standard driver license will not be accepted at TSA checkpoints.

The Travel ID is distinguished by a star in the upper right corner and is available to Arizona residents as a driver license or identification card.

Because the Arizona Travel ID is compliant with federal standards, extra documentation is required upon application. This includes:

  • Proof of identity with a birth certificate or US passport.
  • Social Security number, just the number, not the card.
  • Two documents proving Arizona residency, such as rental or bank statements, or credit card or cell phone bills in your name with your current Arizona address.

For more information and a full list of qualifying documents, go to: azdot.gov/TravelID.