Dustin LeMaster's dream of running a food truck was also his father's. Photo by Michelle Chance

Maricopa resident Dustin LeMaster’s “Tac-O-Bout It” food truck opened for business Wednesday afternoon on the southeast corner of John Wayne Parkway and Edison Road.

Opening day was years in the making.

After his mother passed away in 2012, LeMaster and his father decided to start a food truck business. Together they purchased a truck and worked for more than a year to rehab it.

A shop in Phoenix later took over for the father-son duo and completed the mobile kitchen transformation.

Then tragedy struck.

“The day before (the truck) was finished, we found out my dad had cancer,” LeMaster said. “He died eight days later.”

One month after his father’s passing, LeMaster lost his sister to an accidental overdose.

LeMaster cast his culinary aspirations on the back burner and eventually had a truck buyer on the line for $50,000.

“My wife talked me out of selling it and said, ‘This was you and your dad’s dream; Do it,’” LeMaster said.

Tac-O-Bout It hit the road May 30, nearly six years after the journey with his dad began.

The roadside eatery features street tacos, carne asada fries, grilled chicken and the “Big Boy Burrito.” The taco truck will be in the 99 Cents Only store parking lot Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


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