Maricopa Wells Middle School
Maricopa Wells Middle School [File photo]

The former Maricopa Unified School District teacher charged with the sexual exploitation of a 13-year-old female student was the subject of other complaints by female students who said he made them uncomfortable in class.

Dominic L. Ballin, 49, who was arrested Monday at police headquarters and charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor and related offenses, allegedly engaged in inappropriate conduct with the Maricopa Wells Middle School student from November 2020 to April 2021, according to a probable cause statement.

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The police report on the case listed the offense occurring in November 2020 at an address on West Lucera Lane in Glennwilde.

During their investigation, detectives allegedly found child pornography, images of animal bestiality and “love letters” written by Bailin to the student whose complaint resulted in his arrest.

Maricopa police said the principal at Maricopa Wells confirmed the 13-year-old wasn’t the first female student to report they were made to feel uncomfortable by Bailin, “however it is the first complaint of this magnitude.”

Thad Miller has been the principal at Maricopa Wells since 2017, according to the school website.

In comments posted on Facebook after InMaricopa’s initial story on Thursday, two mothers said they had complained to the principal about improper conduct by Bailin.

One mother said her daughter reported Bailin in 2019 for touching her leg and making “inappropriate comments” during class.

Another mother responded that she remembered her daughter making a similar complaint around the same time. “I can’t believe it took this long, it disgusts me!!!” she wrote.

MUSD was asked Friday afternoon whether any action was taken against Bailin when the earlier complaints were received at Maricopa Wells and whether district administration was aware of those complaints.

“The matter for the district is still ongoing and we are unable to answer additional questions at this time,” the district responded in a brief statement.


During a forensic interview, the 13-year-old victim told investigators Bailin kissed her multiple times on the face and wrote her love letters, the probable cause statement said. She said Bailin made her a teacher’s assistant in his class and would keep her after class while requesting other students leave the classroom.

The student told investigators she remembered Bailing telling her that he wished he “could be in 8th grade again,” “especially with you.” She said she was made to feel “uncomfortable” and “didn’t know how to tell anyone.”

“Mostly because of my age versus your age and that I’m a teacher. I know you don’t feel the same and so I feel that I have put too much of a burden on you.”

– Letter allegedly sent by teacher Dominic Bailin to a student

A search of the student’s school email by investigators turned up communications allegedly initiated by Bailin with the girl after 11 p.m. and on weekends, police said.

Numerous electronic devices were seized during a search warrant served at Bailin’s home, according to the probable cause statement. On one of those devices, detectives found the typed letters. Among the excerpts, police said:

• “I fully understand your intentions in helping me fall out of love with you.”

• “I know I said I would not mention some things, but yesterday you were so beautiful. The way your hair feel (SIC) across your face and how the light shown upon you. During class, I forced myself not to stare – not to even look in your direction.”

• “Please forgive me for how I feel towards you. I’m not supposed to have these feelings and I’m sorry.”

• “Mostly because of my age versus your age and that I’m a teacher. I know you don’t feel the same and so I feel that I have put too much of a burden on you.”

• ‘You have such a mature mind for being so young, but I apologize for the awkward knowledge you have of me.”


On another device, detectives located child pornography and numerous images of bestiality, the probable cause statement said. A sexual maturity assessment conducted on the child pornography images by a Pinal County forensic nurse rates one image of a female child likely less than 16 years old, one image of a female child likely less than 10 years of age and one image of a female child likely less than 5 years of age.

Both MPD and the school district launched investigations when the complaint was received in April, police said. Bailin was immediately placed on a work-from-home assignment and ordered to have no contact with students pending the results of the investigation, according to police.

He subsequently resigned from MUSD on April 14.

In a statement released Thursday, the district said the allegations of misconduct were reported to MPD and the Arizona Department of Education according to district policy.

“Student safety is the highest priority of the Maricopa Unified School District. The District’s policies concerning staff conduct with students are strictly enforced,” it said. “The District will continue to cooperate with state and local law enforcement as needed, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

“This is an active investigation, therefore the Maricopa Unified School District cannot provide further information on this matter. The District takes every allegation of misconduct seriously and will take all measures necessary to ensure that its students are educated in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Bailin is charged with three counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and one count each of Aggravated Assault – Dangerous Crimes Against Children and Harassment.

Court documents, however, show Bailin faces at least two counts of Aggravated Assault – classified as Victim Bound/Restrained and Adult on Minor.

The investigation is continuing, according to police.

Bailin was booked into Pinal County Jail, where he remains in lieu of $50,000 bond, according to online inmate records.

An arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday.